Finger Columns

Receive parts in perpendicular loading

Finger Columns

Finger Columns

Finger Columns

What are finger columns?

Finger columns are steel formed towers containing fingers that support parts during transit. These fingers automatically move out of the way when the parts are removed to allow unimpeded exit from the stillage. Similarly the next finger is automatically presented when one location is activated.

What are the advantages of finger columns?

Finger columns are a versatile solution for packaging having advantages such as;

  • Linear load and removal of parts allows for an increase of pack density for geometrically difficult or nested parts.
  • Effective protection and support for parts.
  • Plastic and polyurethane locations can be used for more fragile parts.
  • Robot Friendly, unimpeded removal and placement of parts into packaging.
  • Together with CMM measuring, finger columns can be set to up to ± 2 mm making them perfect for robot load and unload.

What type of finger columns are there?

Vertical finger columns

Vertical finger columns hold parts in a vertical manor, these are the simplest form of the product and accommodate parts at a pitch as small as to 30mm.

Diagonal finger columns

For parts that do not nest in a linear fashion the diagonal column allows for parts to stagger on increasing the pack factor compared to a normal rack.

Counter Balance finger Columns

This type of column uses weights to allow the finger to pivot back naturally to create the automatic aspect of this product. This is the more common product in our range.

Torsion Spring finger columns

When Space is in short supply the size of the finger column can be decreased down to a minimum using the torsion springs to create the automatic fingers.